Olympic Spa

The original LA-native Korean spa. 

the asian spa retreat…

is a truly unique eastern philosophy. In the West, a bath is a place one goes to cleanse the body. In Asia, one goes to cleanse the soul. Wouldn't it be wonderful to travel to Asia for an exotic spa experience…everyday? Now you can.

It is just on the edge of evening. You have been surrounded by the push and bustle of people all day, and, finally, just now, you have entered the spa. You lower yourself into a pool infused with warm minerals and then your skin settles into softness. Now you are ready for a stress relieving massage and body scrub to take you to another world. Our spa retreat is waiting for you.

Our spa uses only the most natural and therapeutic products in out treatments and spa facilities. As you look around, notice the jade laden steam sauna, experience the hot “mugwort” tea pool, detox in the Binchō-tan therapy room and feel the healing heat of the mineral sauna. We do not offer such treatments including microdermabrasion, laser treatments, nor chemical peels. Our treatments are natural and pure. We believe in harnessing the natural human energy and transferring “Qui” (energy) to you through our authentic eastern treatments. This energy is the core of all human wellness. Our spa retreat is here to replenish and strengthen it.

Our spa retreat cleanses the soul, and one emerges refreshed, renewed, and serene. Don’t be shy to let us know if you are a novice and would like some guidance in the bathing ritual, as we are here to serve you.

Please note that we are a women's only spa.