Olympic Spa

The original LA-native Korean spa. 


Aged skin cells are sloughed away.  Mini-Aka is designed for those that exfoliate regularly and for those that are petite framed.  A lighter exfoliation experience than the Akasuri or Milky Scrub.
25 minutes, $40

Aged skin cells are sloughed away using traditional Korean technique. Followed by a citrus body shampoo and an invigorating hair wash and rinse. Please soak or steam in the spa prior to this scrub. This experience is a must try. Scrub mitts included to take home. 
40 minutes, $55

As you are basked in warm citrus milk, dry and dull skin is sloughed away with gentle strokes. A full body rinse leaves the body shiny and soft. (New scrub mitts are provided)
40 minutes, $60

A half session massage with natural massage oil and honey when time is limited. A fresh cucumber mask for the face and a milky body rinse completes this treatment. Complement this treatment with a wonderful Akasuri or Milky body scrub and get free spa admission. ***can cause skin irritation for those who are allergic or sensitive to honey and cucumber
35 minutes, $55

Retreat into a private room to experience the ancient form of pressure point massage.  This "Qui" or "energy" massage targets the meridians in your body to unblock key energy points.  Asians believe this massage is the key to a living a long healthy life.  Highly recommended when you feel tired, or when your immune system needs a boost.  
55 minutes, $70

This ancient form of Chinese massage focuses on the feet where this zone is believed to affect every other zone in the body. Can be helpful with digestion, migraines, insomnia, and more.
25 minutes, $40
55 minutes, $70

Want to unwind but short on time? Try our wonderful head, neck, and shoulder shiatsu massage. Add this on to any other treatment for a full spa package.
25 minutes, $40


Simple Soak - $30
Includes use of all pools, saunas, and therapy rooms
Simple Soak Included in services priced at $80 or above





* Price are subject to change without prior notice

* 18-25% tip is customary

* Not recommended for those with any type of skin conditions

* Check-in 45 minutes prior to the reservation time (for scrub service)