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Our membership has replaced daily admission passes and simple soak. Enjoy up to 58% savings on daily admissions.

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As long as your membership status is current, you may visit the spa during normal business hours.

You may suspend membership up to 3 months only for monthly intervals with written notice by email to Olympic Spa.
Pearl – 1 month max and 1 time max
Emerald – 2 months max and 2 times max
Diamond – 3 months max and 3 times max

We will honor passes purchased prior to March 17, 2020.  Please go to “Guest/Member Login” to sign-up.

You may cancel this contract without any penalty or further obligation with written notice by certified or registered mail and/or email provided to Olympic Spa within (3) days from the agreement date only. This agreements are for a minimum of 3,6 or 12 months, at which time membership may be terminated at any time with 45 days written notice by certified or registered mail and/or email to Olympic Spa. Please refer to the membership policy for more information.

Earn 5 points for every $100 spent at spa for members and non-members. Earn points from membership fees, spa treatments and gift card purchases.

100 points = $100 gift card
Points do not have any cash value.

*Member can bring one guest per visit and after 1-month (Pearl) and 2-months (Emerald & Diamond) of spa membership **Terms and conditions are available upon request. This site and its contents have been published for information and advertising purposes only. Results are never guaranteed and vary from customer to customer. Olympic Spa takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the content. Please contact us to book an appointment for an individual treatment plan.