Salt Water Pool


Pure salt helps treat psoriasis, improves skin’s moisture retention, relieves sinus pressure and hay fever, and has a calming effect on the mind, inducing a meditative state. The salt contains traces of minerals including calcium, zinc, and iron, helping to promote purification and decreases the symptoms of depression and anxiety.



Guests can re-energize their minds and body in our relaxation pool with the therapeutic effects of minerals and freshwater. Our temperature-controlled pool is gentle on the skin and helps to melt away stress, soothe body aches, and reinvigorate your mind. Feeling tired? This is just the remedy to improve sleep and release the daily tensions in your body.

Cold Water Pool


Our cold water pool is very unique as it offers both the core and the dipping tank. The therapeutic benefits of our ice bath therapy help to increase the release of endorphins, relieve stress, improve recovery time, decrease toxin build-up, relieve pain, and increase circulation.


Herbal Steam Sauna


Relax and rejuvenate with our select herbs and forget all about the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Take these moments for yourself. You’ve earned this.

Red Clay Sauna


Breathe in the fresh smell of red clay and feel the warmth wrap around you. This sauna experience creates deep relaxation in your muscles and senses, bringing you a sense of well-being and peace. Our red clay is made from 99% of the finest pure red clay using infrared rays and low-temperature heat treatment to preserve its conditions.

Ice Sauna


Heal yourself in our ice sauna! Our ice sauna is a convenient and practical means for rejuvenating and refreshing your body and your mind. The ice helps to quickly relieve muscle fatigue, relieve stress, increase blood flow and even your basal metabolism. It may also provide relief for respiratory system disorders, headaches, migraines, and improve regeneration of skin cells.

Halotherapy Salt Room


If you’ve heard of the salt caves and how good they are for your health, there is no need for you to fly across the country. Inhalation of concentrated salt air is a proven therapy designed to improve your health and boost your body’s ability to naturally heal itself.

Oxygen Therapy Room


For more than 70 years, people have used this method to treat their health problems. Upon entering, you’ll find our ceiling is laden with Japanese Bichotan charcoal that yields powerful heat, and is known to be the highest grade of charcoal for its natural purification and anti-bacterial properties. The room helps boost the immune system, stimulate sweat glands to promote the release of built-up toxins, relieve stress, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation to help you feel and look better.


Jade Healing Lounge


By spending time in our Jade healing lounge, you are exposing yourself to a powerful energy conduit. Jade balances energy, revitalizes the body and senses and generates rejuvenating healing energies throughout the body. Our jade healing lounge is more than just a place to relax, it’s a place to get back to the healthy being you were always meant to be. If you feel like dozing off, feel free to do so while your body is being rebalanced.

The Veranda


A stress-free oasis located in the heart of Los Angeles, our green space will naturally help you reduce stress and achieve better focus. Guests may order an unlimited array of cuisines from our nearby restaurants and relax in the veranda while eating, playing games, reading books, working on your laptop or socializing with others. This is a place of relaxation and retreat, without a strict agenda. Call us directly to reserve for your next social or corporate event.

Indoor Lounge


In Korean culture, an indoor lounge has long been recognized where guests can relax before, in-between, or after you sweat it out in our saunas. Enter into a world of calmness, peace, and relaxation. Forget the outside world as you’re welcomed into this shared space where you can purify your mind and body. Focus on your breathing, flexibility and range of motion targeting weakness, tension and inflammation in our indoor or adjacent lounge area with Jade heated floors. We offer a complimentary yoga mat to everyone who walks in our spa.

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