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What is Olympic Spa?

I want you to feel like this is your second home. The place where you come to lock the world out of your life, unplug, and become the center of your own universe…even if just for a few hours.

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I remember coming to Olympic Spa when I was a little girl. I would sit with my mother and aunties, as they quietly let the steam and the baths do the work of unknotting their hands, loosening their muscles, and bringing them back to themselves after a long work week. I also watched them build friendships and alliances over cups of tea and a good bowl of noodles. 

When the owners that I grew up with were thinking about closing the spa down, I knew I had to save this space for all the women who depended on it for their physical and mental well-being.


Olympic Spa has changed a lot since those days, but the underlying spirit lives. We still believe wellness comes from balance, self-care, and community.

COVID-19 could have been detrimental to the business, but we decided to take that time to refurbish and reinvigorate the spa to serve our clientele better than ever before. We have resurfaced our baths, retiled some of our therapy rooms, and rethought the layout of our sauna space.


Striking the balance between East and West has been a part of Korean culture for generations. That is why including elements like CBD oils, Swedish massage techniques, and brown sugar polish is a natural evolution in our treatment line, keeping us current while still maintaining our Korean spa sensibility. Hot and cold, water and mineral, rough and soft. It’s all about creating balance.

Our services and products might change over time, but we are still all about an invigorating Akasuri – a Korean technique of exfoliating the body with water and silk mitts to soften skin, loosening tension in a sauna, taking a well-timed soak in a mineral pool, and remaining a safe and comfortable place for women to care for themselves.

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Olympic Spa is about improving your life, your outlook, your health, and your career. Learn about the many benefits, treatments, and experiences at our fusion-inspired, women-only Korean spa and sanctuary in the heart of Los Angeles.

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